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The Witch’s Magical Handbook


Title: The Witch’s Magical Handbook by Gavin Frost and Yvonne Frost

Category: Nonfiction, New Age, Witchcraft

Review: I was not too impressed with this book. I had purchased it a few years back and had never read it through like I usually do with books. I planned to donate it and still do, but when I found it I thought I would give it another try. I found that this is not the type of book that as a Wiccan, I would recommend to other Wiccans or Witches.

The reason why is that it takes a scientific approach rather than a more religious approach. I don’t have anything against the scientific approach, but for some reason this book turned me off. When I think of a handbook for a Witch, I think of the basics of Witchcraft. For example, the Threefold Law, the basics of rituals, the elements, etc… This book went over healing others, the house (energies), it had some spells, bringing back pieces of yourself, etc… I think this book would be more of an advanced witchcraft type of book. I finished this book because I finish all books I start, but I definitely think it is not a book I would recommend for any Witch or Wiccan. I just prefer a more religious approach when I read New Age books.

Rating: *


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