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Gone Native


Title: Gone Native by Alan G. Cornett

Category: Nonfiction, History, The Vietnam War

Review: I absolutely loved this book. This book is told from the author’s POV. When you start reading this, it is as if the author is sitting with you and telling you his story. These kinds of books can be hard to find.

Mr. Cornett tells a story of a young man (himself) who is thrust into The Vietnam War. He is trained to be a medic and is sent to Vietnam to help by being a medic and making sure the soldiers are taking care of. While there he finds himself becoming friends with the Vietnamese. He made friends with what you would consider a type of tribal Vietnamese, whom we had helped medically. He also made friends with the Vietnamese soldiers (those of the opposite of the Viet Cong). At this time, most of the Americans thought the Vietnamese second-class citizens even in their own country. This tells the journey of a man who became more comfortable in another country than his own.

I was truly touched when I read this. There were funny moments of course. He tells of when he threw a grenade in the bunker after two weeks of being punished. One guy had splinters in his butt and he refused to treat him. There were sad moments as well. He tells of when he had to treat the soldiers. As with some books, I don’t recommend giving this to those under 18. There are some curse words in it and talking of situations, such as opium and prostitutes.

Overall, I loved it. I think you will too. This is a great personal story of The Vietnam War. Definitely try to read it if you’re interested in history.

Rating: *****


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