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Title: Night by Elie Wiesel

Category: Nonfiction, History, Memoir

Review: I decided to read this book since I learned about Elie Wiesel’s death recently. He was one of the survivors of the Holocaust. He wrote several books and was a journalist. So I requested it from the library. Although this book is not long, only 108 pages, it affects you profoundly.

He tells a story of how his life began from before he was taken to the concentration camp. When he goes into the particulars of the concentration camp and only being able to stay with his father, since his other siblings were sisters, it makes you think about how terribly alone he must of felt.

The stories he tells in this book are terrible. He tells of how inmates were killed for pieces of bread during a train ride. He tells of how he lost his faith in God after coming to the camp. He tells of how the SS set up gallows and made them look at the dead as they marched by.

This is a book that needs to be read by all. It reveals the soul of a Holocaust survivor. It also reveals what they had to go through and everyone needs to know that in order to understand that the Holocaust was a product of a deranged madman. I hope you pick this book up and read it. You will gain a new insight on the Holocaust and the view of a survivor.

Rating: *****


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