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The Professional Chef


Title: The Professional Chef (The Culinary Institute of America)

Category: Nonfiction, Cooking, Culinary Arts, Education

Review: I got this book back in June for my birthday. It took me a long time to finish partially because of the fact that we moved to a new house and there was a lot of stress on myself and my family. So I finally was able to finish it this month. This book is over 1100 pages, so it is a pretty big book. The reason why I got it was because when I first went to college I was going for Culinary Arts. So I have a older edition some where, but I wanted an updated one.

I would recommend this book for anyone who is interested in cooking and the Culinary Arts in general. It covers everything! There are 36 chapters (if I am correct) and several different sections on different aspects of cooking. Some chapters include vegetables, pasta and grains, legumes, meat, poultry, seafood, baking, etc… There are different sections and each food section there is a chapter about mise en place.

The only drawbacks of this book is that it speaks to you as a culinary student. It also gives recipes for larger portions. Like a recipe will call for 10 portions of something. The way to measure is also a bit different. The recipes are given in two ways: pounds and ounces/ grams. So it might be different if you are used to measuring in cups. You might also need to learn math to pare down the ingredient amount in the recipes, which luckily, there is a chapter on math.

This book has a lot of great recipes and when I get the time to, I plan to pare down portion sizes on some and make some of the recipes. I will definitely try to make stock and tomato sauce. I look forward to using this book. If you are a fan of cooking, this is the bible of cooking. It is worth the price on (about $50.00 compared to almost $90.00 in stores). You will like it and learn a lot that you haven’t before. I know I enjoyed this book immensely!

Rating: *****


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