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Supporting a local city and my addiction

Hey everyone,

Well you may or may not know about a flood that ravaged some of WV. One city was Rainelle, WV. The local library was wiped out unfortunately. So the Morgantown Barnes & Noble had a sale today and will tomorrow to support the library. They are going to give away some of the proceedings to the Rainelle Library. So my mom and I went to B&N and got some books. I usually go to Books-A-Million, but I wanted to support Rainelle and it had been on my list to go and do so. I didn’t get a lot. I got all my books from the bargain area. Here are the books I got:

  • The Man Who Broke Into Auschwitz by Denis Avey with Rob Broomby
  • How to Write It by Sandra E. Lamb
  • The New Way to Cook Light

So I didn’t over do it. I got one history book. The book by Sandra Lamb is a basic how-to-write-it-all book. It has information on book proposals, resumes, cover letters, emails, nearly everything you need to write. It’s a resource book. The cookbook I got so I could get new recipes since I am trying to lose weight. I’m looking forward to reading them. Anyway, that’s all for now!



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