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Buying used books

Hello everyone,

Well I started to buy used books online again. The last time I got one was back in 2015? I think. It was a history book and I was disappointed in its condition. Well I plan to go back to work and get a job in 2017. I have to pass my CCA (medical biller and coder) exam. So I have had to get some of the books that I needed through the used book marketplace. Last month I ordered four for under 60 dollars. This month I ordered three for under that same amount. I have received one and it is in really good condition. These books are for college use and you know that college books are over $100 dollars. So getting these books in good condition and for low prices are really a good buy for me and makes me really happy. I recommend for a starting point. Especially if you need college books to buy. They may not have new editions. I got a Language of Medicine, 8th edition and they have a 12th edition out, but it’s basically the same stuff in it. I don’t think you can change information about the digestive system. I’m definitely glad I gave it a second chance. Well have a good one, and I will be posting reviews soon!



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