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Salt Sugar Fat


Title: Salt Sugar Fat by Michael Moss

Category: Nonfiction, Food, Documentary

Review: It took me quite a while to finish reading this book, but I learned a lot from this book and I think the author did a lot of great research into the hows’ and whys’ of the food industry. I picked up this book because I am researching myself on food, diets, and overall health issues relating to obesity. So I thought this book would enlighten me and it did. Mr. Moss divides the book into three sections: salt, sugar, and fat. He then discusses about each of the different concern and how the food industry uses it against us.

However, this is not all about bashing the food industry. There are as much good people in the processed food industry as bad. He explores not only the companies, but food products as well and what exactly draws us to them. For example, in the salt section he looks at a company which tries certain formulas to cut back the salt, but it would be a different feel for the consumer.

It is a look behind the scenes and into the minds of the companies. I would definitely recommend reading it. It opens the mind into what we are really eating when we eat a bag of chips.

Rating: ****


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