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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde


Title: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson

Category: Fiction, Supernatural

Review: This was my first time reading Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and I absolutely loved it. This story is told in the eyes of three men basically. These men are friends who wen to school together and have remained friends over the years. For the most part, the story is told through the eyes of Mr. Utterson, a lawyer. One day he is out on a walk with a cousin and they stop in front of an alley where a secret door lies. The cousin tells him a tell about how a man trampled over a little girl and didn’t stop until he yelled at him. The man turned back and the family of the girl was angry of course. The cousin basically helped them to settle it with a reimbursement. What they found out though the man tried to reimburse them was the check he gave them was in a different man’s name. The cousin tells Mr. Utterson that the man’s name is Mr. Hyde. Mr. Utterson is shocked because he has heard of the name before and goes back to his home after that.

He reviews a will from his friend, Dr. Jekyll, in which he gives all his possessions and assets to Mr. Hyde. So basically, Mr. Utterson sets out to find who this Mr. Hyde is and why Dr. Jekyll is so enthralled with him. He does end up meeting him and finds that he does not like him and feels that Mr. Hyde is taking advantage of his friend. However, he is still in the dark.

The other man, Dr. Lanyon, knows Dr. Jekyll’s secret but will not reveal it. He has given Mr. Utterson a packet and told him not to open it until he has died. Soon Dr. Lanyon dies, then a servant of Dr. Jekyll’s comes to Mr. Utterson and tells him that he is worried that something has happened to his master. Mr. Utterson goes with the servant to the house of Dr. Jekyll and after the servant leads Mr. Utterson to Dr. Jekyll’s laboratory and they hear his voice and such, they decide to barge in and take on whoever is on the other side. However, once they get in it is too late and they find that Mr. Hyde is dead in the floor.

Mr. Utterson returns home and reads what Dr. Lanyon wrote in his packet and another packet from Dr. Jekyll that explains it all.

That’s the basics of the book. I hope I explained it well. I found it to be very interesting and I just couldn’t stop reading. Some people might think of this book as a horror book, but it isn’t. I think of it somewhat between a supernatural and mystery. It keeps you guessing. It’s one of the classics that I would recommend.

Rating: *****


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