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The Hitler Book


Title: The Hitler Book Edited by Henrik Eberle and Matthias Uhl

Category: Nonfiction, History, War World II, Biography

Review: This book, first off, comes from secret documents that were obtained from the Russians. The Russians had taken two men, known as Heinz Linge (his personal valet) and Otto Gunsche (his personal adjutant), and interrogated them. Linge and Gunsche were two of the closest men to Hitler. This is basically the ‘book’ that was presented to Stalin. This book is not a collection of documents as you would think it might be. It tells a story through a timeline. It also tells the story through both Linge and Gunsche’s eyes. One of the most revealing moments to me in the book, is at the end it reveals that not all of the Reich members are as devoted as they have seemed to be. Many deserted Hitler in his last hour and that is sad, despite the fact. He was still a horrible man, but I can’t imagine being deserted by people that you had placed your trust in. I think by reading this book you will definitely have a new view of Hitler and of his history. I hope you get to read it. Check it out at your local library!

Rating: ****


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