Title: Joyland by Stephen King

Category: Fiction, Mystery

Review: I really loved reading Joyland. I don’t think it’s as heard of because it is more of a mystery novel, but I loved reading it and I think anyone who calls themselves a Stephen King fan needs to. The book is narrated by a man who is recalling his year at Joyland, an amusement park that he worked at when he was a college kid. He tells of his heart break, the way his girlfriend broke up with him. How he became a favorite in the park by dressing as a dog. He also tells about the murder at the park which had happened and he learned of when he applied for the job. There is so much that keeps you hooked in the book that you just can’t put it down. The book centers around the murder and he is the one who ends up solving it. You would never have thought that the man who did it was the killer. Stephen King is just a great writer. He really should do more mystery books. Try reading this one. I’m a fan of Stephen King’s scary stories, but he is a great mystery writer too.

Rating: *****




Title: Carrie by Stephen King

Category: Fiction, Horror, Thriller

Review: I have been on a tangent for Stephen King novels lately. I had never read Carrie or seen the movie. Now I have done both. Carrie is a book about a very isolated and lonely girl. Her mother is a very devout and religious woman who shames Carrie. The whole thing starts when Carrie gets her first period. She is in the locker room with other girls who have picked on her for all her life and she thinks she is dying. She is never taught by her mother about menstruation or womanhood. This is what brought on her telekinesis most likely. In return for the girls making fun of her, they have a week’s detention by the gym teacher. One of the girls walks out and basically comes up with a revenge scheme for Carrie. While one of the other girls genuinely tries to make up by sending her boyfriend to go with Carrie to the prom. Fast forward, Carrie goes to the prom with a very popular boy and is having a wonderful time. They are voted king and queen and get up on stage. Pig’s blood then is poured over both of them and this sets off the destruction of not only the school, but the town as well. Carrie takes her revenge, but it kills her in the end. It is very sad book, but you cannot stop reading it. I loved it from the beginning. Definitely read it before you watch the movie if you haven’t seen the movie. It’s definitely worth adding to your book collection.

Rating: *****



Title: Llewellyn’s Sabbat Essentials, Samhain

Category: Nonfiction, New Age, Wicca, Witchcraft, Sabbats

Review: So the reason I got this book is because Samhain or Halloween, is my favorite Sabbat of the year. Has been since I was a little girl, though I didn’t know it was a Sabbat back then. Anyway, this book is a great resource for anyone who wants to learn about Samhain. It gives a great history on it; where it began, what it is called in other countries, traditions, etc… It also gives great recipes and divination techniques. Cause as you may or may not know, the veil between worlds is the thinnest at this time of the year. Also, the book has a great array of invocations, rituals, and celebrations. Samhain is not a Sabbat of death entirely, it is one of change. It has spells to focus on ourselves as well as to communicate with our long gone ancestors. I loved this book and am looking forward to incorporating some of what I have read into my practices on Samhain. I hope you get this for your personal library. It was excellently written and definitely a great book for someone who wants more knowledge on this Sabbat.

Rating: *****




Title: It by Stephen King

Category: Fiction, Horror, Thriller

Review: I think this is one of my favorite books written by Stephen King, ever. This book is set in a town called Derry, Maine. It is about seven friends who end up coming together one summer because of their experiences with both a town bully and It, which I can only describe as a monster, if you haven’t read it. The book does a flip flop between when they are kids and adults. Since as kids they had vowed to kill It and would return to make sure they would. The only reason I didn’t get this read sooner was because the book is over 1400 pages. Stephen King did an excellent job with this book. He thought out every character and situation and I truly believe this is definitely a masterful horror novel that should be on every horror fan’s shelf. The only thing that some might get riled up about is that there is a lot of curse words, there is abuse, description of sex, and some other stuff. However, this isn’t kid stuff and I never think of kid stuff when I read Stephen King. I’m just warning you though. It’s a really good read and it might take you a few days, but it is worth your time. Definitely will keep you guessing about what ‘It’ truly is.

Rating: *****

You: On A Diet


Title: You, On A Diet by Michael Roizen and Mehmet Oz

Category: Nonfiction, Health, Weight Loss

Review: First, I just wanted to say that I have read this book before. I just wanted to reread it again. I love reading anything written by these two guys. This isn’t another weight loss book. Yes, they want you to get serious about weight loss, but they take a sort of comedic approach at it as well. They put in these funny diagrams to make it more clearer for you. So you’re not looking at the book and being bored, but you also understand what they are trying to explain. The first part of the book is mostly spent explaining the effects of being overweight and the digestive system and other different things that they think are important to tell us before starting their diet. Then the second part focuses on a simple plan where they lay out exercise and a diet. They have a lot of different recipes and the exercise plan is not that bad. I think everyone should at least read it. Just for the knowledge that these two bring to the table and the way it is written. I think you will like it if you are trying to lose weight.

Rating: *****

Operation Paperclip


Title: Operation Paperclip, The Secret Intelligence Program That Brought Nazi Scientists To America by Annie Jacobsen

Category: Nonfiction, History, World War II, Post-War World II, Cold War, Science, Government

Review: From the start, I think this was a very interesting read. When we think about Germany and War World II, we typically think about Hitler and his generals. We don’t think about the men behind all the evil in the concentration camps or working to create the rockets. This book starts at the end of the war and tells us how Operation Paperclip began. It basically was a rouse to use the intelligence of many of the Nazi doctors and scientists and bring them back to the United States. They were in competition, because after the end of WW II, the Soviets basically cut off ties with us and became our enemies. What this book tells us about is how the program started and why it started. They found gas, rockets, etc… that they needed to bring back to the U.S. and they needed the Germans to help them. So even though the German doctors or scientists were Nazis they could get a free pass to a certain extent. There were challenges, as the book discusses, and the program does come to an end due to the fact that the information does end up becoming declassified. The book reveals information that I had not even known before about experiments on people during that time. Such as freezing experiments and saltwater experiments. It is an enlightening book. Even though some of the the German scientists and doctors did some good over here in the U.S. they still were Nazis. It still makes you ask, ‘was it worth a free pass?’ If you are interested in the War World II period, definitely take a look at this book.

Rating: *****

Faeries and Elementals for Beginners


Title: Faeries and Elementals For Beginners by Alexandra Chauran

Category: Nonfiction, New Age

Review: I ordered this during the Father’s Day special on the Llewellyn website. I have been wanting to learn more about faeries in general. I think this is a very good book for the beginner. It starts with a basic dictionary of faeries and things like etiquette. The book then progresses on to teach you to communicate with the different kinds of faeries. There are four chapters, one devoted to each elemental which gives different types of rituals and a type of meditation that will help you get started working with the elemental. I feel that the author wrote this book very well and for a beginner in mind. She warns of the dangers and blessings of having faeries and elementals as friends or foes. You have to be careful because these are not creatures to control. She gives various examples of what could happen if you try to control them. I find this book very helpful for a beginner and look forward to using it to make my own friends with the faeries. Definitely find a copy and read it.

Rating: *****