Book goals of August

August is here and OMG, I only did one review for July. I feel terrible. Most of this is because I am back into reading library books and I get a few library books at a time and bury myself in them and forget that I have other books that I am reading. Ugh! Priorities Serenity! I did get ‘It’ by Stephen King at the library and I love it – no pun intended. I should be done by next week. It’s over 1000 pages and I’m past a 100. Anyway, here are my book goals and I promise to review more than one this month!

  • Cookbook: 1
  • Fiction: 1
  • History: 1
  • New Age: 1

Those are my goals for now. See you soon!

Book Goals of June

Well May was sort of a bust for me guys. I only got one book done. Last month I was still getting together from April. So this month I am hoping to get my nose to the grind and have more books read. I’m a reader darn it! 🙂 Anyway, here are my goals:

  • Cookbooks: 1
  • Nonfiction: 2
  • Fiction: 1
  • Other or New Age: 1

So those are my goals. I want to at least get four books this month. Have a good one.


February 2017 Book Goals

Hello everyone,

Wow! It’s the end of January already! Can you believe that the month has passed so quickly? Well, I thought I would go ahead and make my new goals for next month. So here are my goals for February:

  • 2 history books
  • 1 cookbook (I know. I meant to complete one last month, but didn’t.)
  • 1 fiction
  • 1 other book (if possible)

I’m busy studying for my certification in March. So my goal, as usual, is four books. Thanks for following me everyone!


January 2017 Book Goals

Hello everyone,

Today is the first day of our new year. So Happy New Year! Well I like to begin each month with my book goals. So for this month here are my book goals:

  • 1 cookbook
  • 1 fiction
  • 1 history, maybe 2
  • 1 new age

I’m trying to get in a good amount this month. So I will hopefully start off this year with a big bang! 🙂 Have a good one everybody!