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Book goals of February

Hey everyone,

Yeesh. I realize I didn’t put up any book goals for last month. Bad me. So this month is back to doing my book goals. Also, guess what?! The blog will be officially 4 years old on February 16 of this year! Can you believe it? This is the oldest of my blogs and I just can’t believe that the blog has been here for so long. Thanks for visiting and keep coming back for more reviews!

  • History: 1
  • Fiction: 1
  • New Age: 1

So those are my goals for this month. I’m still working with my schedule of school, job, and personal time. I’ll be updating hopefully with at least three this month. Thanks for being patient!





Title: Mythology by Edith Hamilton

Category: Nonfiction, Mythology, Greek Mythology, Roman Mythology, Norse Mythology

Review: Although this book was written back in the early 1940s or 50s it still has a lot of credibility today and I found it was extremely hard to put down. The author did a lot of great research for the different mythologies she covered. Especially the Greek and Roman ones. Greek and Roman are some of my favorite aside from Egyptian and I learned a lot more from this book than I expected. Most of the book is dedicated to the Greek and Roman gods and heroes. It tells the stories of the fall of Troy and other stories perhaps you have never heard about. I wasn’t as interested in the Norse mythology, but I read it anyway. She did great research and anyone who wants to read a well-researched and a book that will keep you interested needs to purchase this one.

Rating: *****

Japanese Cooking: A Simple Art


Title: Japanese Cooking: A Simple Art by Shizuo Tsuji

Category: Nonfiction, Cookbooks, Japanese Cuisine

Review: I got this book from Amazon and it definitely did not disappoint. The author divides the book into three sections. One is a very informative section on the ingredients, knives, things like simmering and boiling, sushi, tea, etc… It is such a well written account of all the different things that go into Japanese cuisine. Part two is the recipes. Although there are recipes in the first section, these are given to use the basic recipes in the first part. Like the author teaches you how to make dashi. So in the second section, you can make dashi with whatever recipe you want to make. The third section is an appendix with comparable weights and fish types with calories. I love this book. I recommend you get it if you love Japanese cuisine.

Rating: *****

Happy late new year!

Hey everyone,

I’m so sorry I am wishing you a happy new year now. I have a job and I had to work on both New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. So I was really tired if you know what I mean. So I have a book review I will be doing for today. I also will be doing more reviews for this month. I also will be adding more books for the 2018 list. Thanks for keeping with me and have a Happy New Year!


Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea


Title: Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne

Category: Fiction, Science Fiction, Classic

Review: Jules Verne wrote some really great books, however, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea happens to be one of his most famous books. I bought this since I thought I had read it, but I couldn’t remember. This book is narrated in one person by Pierre Arronax. He is a scientist of the ocean. How he comes upon the Nautilus is that there had been accidents involving what people think a huge whale or some kind of creature in the sea. He goes with his servant on the Abraham Lincoln and meets a Canadian harpooner. When the ship finds the Nautilus the three end up together in the ocean and getting rescued by the Nautilus. For the first day they are locked up, but are treated well. Then Captain Nemo comes out and gives them a room. Their adventures then sort of begin after Captain Nemo explains the workings of the ship. They travel to a submarine forest, find Atlantis, get trapped in an iceberg, battle with gigantic squids, and more. All the while, the Canadian wants to escape the Nautilus and after several attempts they finally do. They never truly find out about their captor or why he hates the land so much. However, he drives the Nautilus into a maelstrom (or whirlpool) and they never hear from him again. What became of him is unknown. This is one of those classics that should be read. It’s first person, like I mentioned, and there is lots of talk about the different species of underwater creatures, which may put you off. However, try it. You’ll find that it is a great book to read.

Rating: *****

Merry Christmas!

Hello everyone,

I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! Even though I am a Wiccan, I still celebrate Christmas with my family. I have so many good memories with my Grandma and Grandpa (on my father’s side). So it is special to me in that way. I hope everyone has a great holiday!


Merry Yule!

Merry Yule everyone! Today is the official day of Winter Solstice and the longest day of the year. Also known as the beginning of Winter. I hope whether you are Wiccan, Pagan, or any other religion, that you have a Merry Yule!


Wheel of the Year


Title: Wheel of the Year by Pauline Campanelli and Dan Campanelli

Category: Nonfiction, New Age, Paganism, Wicca

Review: This is another great book by the author who wrote Ancient Ways. This book is divided by months. So I read this book and it took me a year to read because I wanted to follow it by the months. This book does feature the Sabbats, however, it also features different types of magick as well. It talks about different moons of different months. It talks about fairy magick and working with the fairies. It also talks about working with herbs and dutch Pennsylvania magick. There are a variety of topics that are talked about in each month that is featured. I was very happy that I bought the book. It is another book that a witch, beginning or old-timer, needs to have.

Rating: *****

Ancient Ways


Title: Ancient Ways by Pauline Campanelli and Dan Campanelli

Categories: Nonfiction, New Age, Paganism, Wicca

Review: Ancient Ways is one of the best books you can by if you are a Wiccan or Pagan. If you are a beginner or an old-timer. The author has done a well researched book and I have enjoyed reading this book and the information in it. This book is divided by the eight Sabbats. This makes it really nice because you can go to a particular Sabbat if one has passed by and learn about it. The Sabbat the book starts with is Imbolc, which is basically the beginning of the new year. The author covers different subjects in each section and gives spells and teaches you how to make things on your own. I enjoyed it because she shares her experiences as well. It is a book for everyone and I recommend that you get it for your collection.

Rating: *****

Book goals of December

OMG! I can’t believe this is the last month of the year. I have to catch up. I really do. So I will definitely be reading as many books as I can this month. I have a lot of new age books that I will be reading and reviewing and I will get through the cookbook I have been reading. I promise! So here are my goals:

  • History: 1
  • Cookbooks: 1
  • New Age: 3
  • Other: 1

Total: 6

Cross your fingers for me. I’m going to be busy.


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