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Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat


Title: Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat by Michelle May

Category: Nonfiction, Health, Weight Loss, Mindful Eating

Review: I am now a big fan of mindful eating due to this book. In fact, I plan to get a few more books on learning more about mindful eating due to Michelle May’s book. Michelle May basically describes a process of why we have been abusing ourselves through food and what we can do about it. She tells stories (her own and others) throughout the book. In her book she finally helps us understand why the dieting cycle is so bad for our bodies and why we are not bad. She gives tips and tricks on how to be mindful while eating. How to reacquaint yourself with your body. This book has taught me a lot and I find it a starting point in my journey in mindful eating. I would definitely pick it up and stop dieting. Take a chance with it. Michelle May is a great author, a doctor, and had her own ups and downs with dieting as well.

Review: *****


You: On A Diet


Title: You, On A Diet by Michael Roizen and Mehmet Oz

Category: Nonfiction, Health, Weight Loss

Review: First, I just wanted to say that I have read this book before. I just wanted to reread it again. I love reading anything written by these two guys. This isn’t another weight loss book. Yes, they want you to get serious about weight loss, but they take a sort of comedic approach at it as well. They put in these funny diagrams to make it more clearer for you. So you’re not looking at the book and being bored, but you also understand what they are trying to explain. The first part of the book is mostly spent explaining the effects of being overweight and the digestive system and other different things that they think are important to tell us before starting their diet. Then the second part focuses on a simple plan where they lay out exercise and a diet. They have a lot of different recipes and the exercise plan is not that bad. I think everyone should at least read it. Just for the knowledge that these two bring to the table and the way it is written. I think you will like it if you are trying to lose weight.

Rating: *****

You: Staying Young


Title: You, Staying Young by Mehmet Oz and Michael Roizen

Category: Nonfiction, Health

Review: I actually had read this book before and just found it and decided to read it again. This is a very well-written book. I feel that you can just connect instantly with these two guys. The book is written to make you feel comfortable. There’s no big, huge words and if there are, they are explained. There are humorous images and explanations and it’s done all very well. The authors take you through the body and have little tests at the beginning of each chapter to see if everything is up to par. At the end of the book is a plan to help yourself get back on track to ‘staying young.’ I loved it. I am looking forward to using the tips and techniques in the book for my everyday life. This is a book that should be look at before we reach our 50s. Check it out.

Rating: *****

Creating Health

Title: Creating Health by Deepak Chopra

Category: Nonfiction, Health

Review: I don’t often review health books, but I had to post my opinion on this book. I read one of Dr. Chopra’s books and liked it. I picked this one up from the library and I thought that it would like the book that I had read, which had exercises and tips with it. However, I was very disappointed. This book was very boring and read somewhat like a textbook. The author wrote this book with subjects cross between science, philosophy, and religion. I was really disappointed that the only exercise in the book was about meditation. There’s not much to say about this book except that it was a huge disappointment. He talked a lot about the mind and body connection, but didn’t give any exercises or tips on how a person could make the connection. I definitely don’t recommend this book. It’s a let down. I only finished reading it because I finish reading what I start.

Rating: *

Food Matters


Title: Food Matters by Mark Bittman

Category: Nonfiction, Health, Cooking

Review: Mark Bittman is a favorite author of mine. He has written several cookbooks, one which I am working on and hoping to finish by the end of this month. Anyway, I got this book at the library. I had been wanting to read it, but didn’t want to spend the money in case I didn’t like it. This book is not your typical diet or health book. Mark Bittman talks about the food industry and the toll it has taken on us, the American people. It really opened my eyes. Some things I did know, but others I did not. He does not promote a diet plan. He does give meal plans and provides recipes, but he is not trying to market a diet plan for the consumer. He wants people to be more conscious of what they are eating and to understand that what we put in our mouth not only affects us, but the world around us. I loved this book and I recommend you read it. It will open your eyes.

Rating: *****

Prevention’s The Healthy Cook


Title: Prevention’s The Healthy Cook

Category: Nonfiction, Cookbooks, Health

Review: This is a really good cookbook for those who are trying to find methods and recipes to make their life in the kitchen more healthier. Though this book was published in 2000, it still has a lot of great tips, ideas, and great methods for the cook who wants to have a healthier life. I can remember my mom using this book in the kitchen and it brings such good memories for me. This is partly why I read this book. So here are some of my thoughts on the book:

Positives: The book explains everything to you on the level of a cook (i.e. a regular person, not a professional chef). This is good because most of us aren’t chefs. Each chapter has boxes of ideas and information that will help you. These boxes can relate information such as Butter and Margarine, is it good for you? Or Making your own pasta. Even growing your own bean sprouts! The book also looks at healthy options compared to the fatty options, for example, putting fruit puree in a cake will reduce calories.

Negatives: Since this was published in 2000 there has been more research in the health field. These tips still apply, but this book definitely needs an update. Also, when it talks about microwaving, the book says you can put foil in it. This is not true. If you put any metal in the microwave you will set it on fire. Definitely read the microwave sections with care.

Overall, I loved this book. I encourage you to buy this book if you want to start a healthier lifestyle. You can get it at Here is the link. This definitely will give you a lot to think about.

Rating: ****

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