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Happy St. Patrick’s Day


Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! I hope you have fun day! Unfortunately, I have to work, but it’s money. My nephew comes over, but I won’t see him until tomorrow because I will be at work then be at home about 11:00. 😦 At least on Sunday I will see him a bit. Anyway, have a good one!



Happy Presidents Day/ Blog Anniversary

Well it’s Presidents Day everyone and I thought I would wish you a very Happy Presidents Day. I had to go to school, but that was okay. I just was very happy that I didn’t have to go to work today.

Besides that, the blog has been here for officially 4 years! It turned 4 years old on 2/14/2018. I can’t believe it! It is the oldest blog that I have and I am amazed that it has been here that long. I hope that my reviews have helped you or have been entertaining at the least. Keep looking out for more reviews. This blog is my baby and I plan to have many more years with it.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Well I thought I would wish everyone a very Happy Valentine’s Day! I spent mine with my parents. Also since it was Ash Wednesday, we had fish from Long John Silvers. So a two-in-one. Anyway, I hope everyone had a great holiday with lots of love in it!


Happy late new year!

Hey everyone,

I’m so sorry I am wishing you a happy new year now. I have a job and I had to work on both New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. So I was really tired if you know what I mean. So I have a book review I will be doing for today. I also will be doing more reviews for this month. I also will be adding more books for the 2018 list. Thanks for keeping with me and have a Happy New Year!


Merry Christmas!

Hello everyone,

I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! Even though I am a Wiccan, I still celebrate Christmas with my family. I have so many good memories with my Grandma and Grandpa (on my father’s side). So it is special to me in that way. I hope everyone has a great holiday!


Merry Yule!

Merry Yule everyone! Today is the official day of Winter Solstice and the longest day of the year. Also known as the beginning of Winter. I hope whether you are Wiccan, Pagan, or any other religion, that you have a Merry Yule!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Well I would like to say Happy Thanksgiving to my friends, family, and all the followers out there. I hope your Thanksgiving was as great as mine. I know I have a lot to be thankful for. I wish everyone the best. Have a great night.


Happy Veterans Day!

Happy Veterans Day! I would like to thank all the veterans out there who have served for us. I would also like to thank the families who have members in the service. They and those who serve sacrifice so much for us. Thank you!


Merry Samhain and Happy Halloween!

Merry Samhain and Happy Halloween everyone! I love this holiday. Halloween is my favorite holiday ever. Samhain is my favorite Sabbat ever. In Wicca it is the witch’s new year. It is a holiday of change and also a time when the veil between the worlds is the thinnest. I hope that if you celebrate either one or both it is a wonderful one for you. Have a great night!


Merry Lammas!

Merry Lammas everyone! Lammas is a Wiccan/Pagan holiday aka Sabbat celebrating the turning of the wheel where the corn is reaped along with the wheat. It is opposite from Imbolc on the wheel. So now Lammas is here we still are not officially into Fall, but it’s not long. Merry Lammas to you all!

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