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How to Cook Everything Vegetarian


Title: How to Cook Everything Vegetarian by Mark Bittman

Category: Nonfiction, Cookbooks

Review: Mark Bittman has written some of the best and informative cookbooks to date. He does not shy away from any information in this book. Although this book is made for Vegetarians, he also gives information for cooking Vegan as well. I am not a Vegetarian, but what caused me to buy it was the fact that Vegetarian can be healthier way to eat. He has explored so many things and given tips on recipes that you will love to try. For instance, in the bread chapter, he gives you recipes for making your very own pizza, bread, tortillas, and more. In the soup chapter, he teaches you how to make simple stocks along with soups. This book is not difficult. Mark Bittman does not make books for the everyday person. That is what I like about him and his books. Try it. I think you will like it. This is another great book he has written.

Rating: *****


How to Cook Everything


Title: How to Cook Everything by Mark Bittman

Category: Nonficton, Cooking

Review: This is one of the best cookbooks I have ever read. It really is more than a cookbook. It is a resource for the common cook. Mark Bittman does an excellent job with this book. He divides the book up in various sections: vegetables, meats, fish, etc… and goes in depth in each one of them. With each section he starts off with what he calls ‘Essential Recipes’ then goes on and explains about the different parts of the section. For example, in the Meat section he divides it among beef, pork, lamb, etc… Also he has wonderful illustrations in each section that shows you, for example, to break down a chicken. Another helpful thing is that he gives alternatives to each recipe. So after each recipe, he has a list of options for what you can do different with the main recipe. I really loved reading this cookbook and I think Mr. Bittman did a great job on writing it. If you are looking for a basic cookbook to help you in the kitchen and to teach you what you need to know, then this is definitely for you.

Rating: *****

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