Happy Mabon!

Well technically Mabon was yesterday, but it can be on either the 22 or 23. Mabon is the first day of Fall and to Wiccans or Pagans we celebrate it as one of our many Sabbats. Sorry I didn’t get to wish you a Happy Mabon yesterday. I hope you have a wonderful Fall your way!





Title: Llewellyn’s Sabbat Essentials, Samhain

Category: Nonfiction, New Age, Wicca, Witchcraft, Sabbats

Review: So the reason I got this book is because Samhain or Halloween, is my favorite Sabbat of the year. Has been since I was a little girl, though I didn’t know it was a Sabbat back then. Anyway, this book is a great resource for anyone who wants to learn about Samhain. It gives a great history on it; where it began, what it is called in other countries, traditions, etc… It also gives great recipes and divination techniques. Cause as you may or may not know, the veil between worlds is the thinnest at this time of the year. Also, the book has a great array of invocations, rituals, and celebrations. Samhain is not a Sabbat of death entirely, it is one of change. It has spells to focus on ourselves as well as to communicate with our long gone ancestors. I loved this book and am looking forward to incorporating some of what I have read into my practices on Samhain. I hope you get this for your personal library. It was excellently written and definitely a great book for someone who wants more knowledge on this Sabbat.

Rating: *****

Merry Lammas!

Merry Lammas everyone! Lammas is a Wiccan/Pagan holiday aka Sabbat celebrating the turning of the wheel where the corn is reaped along with the wheat. It is opposite from Imbolc on the wheel. So now Lammas is here we still are not officially into Fall, but itโ€™s not long. Merry Lammas to you all!

Merry Imbolc!

Hello everyone,

Today is the Wiccan/Pagan Sabbat known as Imbolc. It is the first Sabbat of the new year. It also coincides with Groundhog day which is today of course. This day represents birth and awakening basically. The Earth has been asleep for a while, but now it’s starting to wake up. Soon the flowers and trees will be blooming. So Merry Imbolc to all my Wiccan/Pagan and non Wiccan/Pagan friends.


Merry Yule!

Hello everyone,

First, I would like to wish everyone a Merry Yule! Yule is a Sabbat that Wiccans/Pagans celebrate and it is known as the longest night of the year or the shortest day of the year, whichever one you want to choose. ๐Ÿ™‚ To some Wiccans/Pagans it is the New Year. So whether you’re Wiccan, Pagan, or from another religious sect, I still wish you a very Merry Yule! Have a good one!


Merry Samhain and Happy Halloween!

Hello everyone,

Well today is my favorite sabbat and holiday of all time. It is also a day that I mourn, yet celebrate my Grandma’s life and death. My Grandma died last year on this date. It has been a full year without her and I cannot believe that she is gone. However, I am happy that she isn’t in pain anymore. I hope that today is a wonderful and happy day for you. So to my Wiccan/Pagan and non-Wiccan/Pagan friends, Happy Halloween and Merry Samhain!