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Undaunted Courage


Title: Undaunted Courage by Stephen Ambrose

Category: Nonfiction, Lewis and Clark Expedition

Review: First, I would like to say that Stephen Ambrose was one of the best authors ever. That is why his works still are sold and read. They are captivating and informative and you can never get bored reading them. This was the first time I read anything from him that was not in the WWII era and to be honest, I was completely bored. It took me two months to finish and I just couldn’t get into it. Now, I’m not saying the book is bad, hardly. He did excellent research and he started with the very beginning: who Meriwether Lewis was. He then went on to explain how the expedition got started. I was very impressed in how he created a view through Lewis and Clark’s eyes when meeting the different types of Indians, the pain of the weather, the excitement, etc… However, being a WWII type of girl, I just couldn’t get into it that quick. I was trying to experiment with a new type of era and it just didn’t work for me. Now if you are a fan of this type of era, I recommend it wholeheartedly. Stephen Ambrose never disappoints.

Rating: ***


Citizen Soldiers

Title: Citizen Soldiers by Stephen E. Ambrose

Category: Nonfiction, History, World War II

Review: This book is another great one by author Stephen Ambrose. It is written from both views of the American and German soldiers. The book starts from D-Day and takes you to the end of the war in Europe. It contains four sections and 19 chapters and has over 400 pages. I think what I like about the book most is that the author doesn’t just pick one view, but takes on both views. He worked very hard in interviewing several American soldiers, for example, during their stay in Europe in several battles that they were in. You will find that the author is in depth on the battle of Ardennes, the Rhine, and several others before Germany fell into the hands of the Americans. You see through the eyes of both sides and I love that about the author. He gives a view that most others do not. If you want to learn about the battles of Europe, specifically from June 1944 – May 1945 then this is the book to get. I also recommend Stephen E. Ambrose as a general author to read. He is one of the best authors I have ever read and I keep going back to him.

Rating: *****

Band of Brothers

Title: Band of Brothers by Stephen Ambrose

Category: Nonfiction, History, War World II

Review: I’ve never seen the Band of Brothers series and I am sort of glad. I think the book is a wonderful book. Stephen Ambrose did another wonderful job. Band of Brothers is about the Easy (or E paratrooper company) of the 101st. These men went into several places (i.e. Normandy, Bastogne, etc…) and grew very close to each other. They grew so close that they would have died for each other. Stephen Ambrose starts from the training of the soldiers to D-Day to Bastogne, etc… Ambrose interviewed several men and did a very good job. You feel the emotion when you read the thoughts of the men that were in the war. I laughed and I was mad and very upset. The men were so wonderful and I respect them so much because they were behind the lines and not many know about this particular company. They deserve to be known. Thank you gentlemen for your sacrifices!

Rating: *****

The Victors



Title: The Victors by Stephen E. Ambrose

Category: Nonfiction, History, War World II

Review: I loved this book. Stephen Ambrose usually writes great books about War World II. This particular book was about D-Day and what occurred afterwards. He talks about the hard decisions that Eisenhower had to make when he sent the troops in on D-Day and to the other battles, like the Battle of the Bulge. He also talks about the troops, in specific, the GIs. He tells us about the different troubles they had to go through while in battle. He also gives quotes from the different men who were in the war all throughout the book. As with all his books, he has some great pictures of the troops and the scenery of the battles. He also mentions something that I never thought of. That without the men from that period, we wouldn’t have such things as highways and interstates and NASA. It was the GIs and other men who survived the war who wanted to make a positive change and did change America.

Rating: *****

Pegasus Bridge


Title: Pegasus Bridge by Stephen E. Ambrose

Category: Nonfiction, History

Review: This book was published in 1985. It was a great book about the British paragliders who landed in France on the night before D-Day. It is a very well written book and I have never read a book that focuses solely on the British part in the part of D-Day of World War II. These guys were very brave men. The book goes through the story before D-Day in the minds of some of the men, on the day of D-Day, and after D-Day. It also tells who has died when he had wrote it. The writer also mentions that some of the British and German soldiers had become friends. So you see that despite being enemies at one time, they have something in common. I’m sure some or most of the men that are mentioned in the book, that were alive, are dead now. Thank you gentlemen for your bravery! I recommend this book even though it is an older book.

Rating: *****

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